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Code of Construction Practice Part A and B: Sets out project-wide and site-specific best practice and mitigation commitments to be applied during tunnel construction.
Environmental Statement: ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT: The Environmental Statement sets out the assessment of the likely significant effects of project on the environment. To be read in conjunction with Errata amendments in documents with references: 9.04.01, 9.04.04, 9.04.05 and APP123, and with the Excavated Materials Options Assessment (9.10.03), the Updated Terrestrial Ecology Survey (9.10.04), the Ground Water Management: Dewatering and Monitoring Strategy (APP141), the Excavated Material and Waste Commitments (APP142) and the 11 March 2014 Environmental Statement Update Report (APP208).
Compensation Programme: Presents a package of policies and further project information for people that may be affected by tunnel construction.
Heritage: Presents the heritage assets that may be affected by the project, and sets out a proposal for archaeological investigation.
Legal Agreements: Sets out agreements between Thames Water and statutory stakeholders, including the 14 directly affected London borough councils.
Planning and Sustainability: Describes the development of a series of sustainability objectives and how they would be achieved by means of design and construction practices; appraises the objectives at a project-wide and site-specific basis. To be read in conjunction with errata amendments in doc ref: 9.04.01 Errata 7.07 Sustainability Statement.
Plans: Sets out the access, land and work plans required for the project sites.
Project Design and Engineering: Sets out the design principles and engineering design requirements that underpin the project.
Road and River Transport: Sets out the project’s approach to road and river transport, and reports on transport implications.
Skills and Employment: Sets out the project’s skills and employment strategy.
Guide to the Application: Sets out the project’s application for Development Consent and its constituent parts. CDs containing the application documentation are available on request to the project.
Open Space Certificates: Section 131 and Section 132 Open Space Certificates
Guidelines for Developers: This document provides a set of guidelines for developers preparing to apply for planning permission to build in the vicinity of the Thames Tideway Tunnel.
Legacy: The ten legacy objectives of the Thames Tideway Tunnel.
The Order as Made and Supporting Documents: Contains the Order as Made by the Secretaries of State on 12 September 2014, which sets out the legal powers to construct, operate and maintain the Thames Tideway Tunnel, and documents referred to in the Order.
Tideway Times: Download a copy of the latest edition of our magazine.
Certified Documents:
River Transport Strategy:
02 April 2015

Document: Settlement Deed - Updated

19 March 2015

Document: APP142 Excavated Material And Waste Commitments

01 March 2015

Document: Mar 2015 - Strategic Relevant Authority Minutes - Redacted

25 February 2015

Document: Guide To Ground Settlement

This leaflet explains what you need to know about settlement and how we would manage any possible impacts on property.

12 February 2015

Document: APP141 Groundwater Environment Management Dewatering And Monitoring Strategy

01 February 2015

Document: Feb 2015 - Strategic Relevant Authority Minutes - Redacted

27 January 2015

Document: Exceptional Hardship Procedure Application Form

07 January 2015

Document: 6.1 Environmental Statement Non Technical Summary

07 January 2015

Document: 6.2.01 Environmental Statement Volume 1 Appendix A Code Of Construction Practice Part A

07 January 2015

Document: 6.2.01 Environmental Statement Volume 1 Appendix A Code Of Construction Practice Part B

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