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The Thames Tideway Tunnel is one of the largest construction projects of its type in Europe. Construction on the project is due to start in 2016 and will involve 24 construction sites across London.

Work will be split geographically into three main works construction contracts worth a total of around £1.6 billion – west (£300m – £500m), central (£600m – £950m) and east (£500m – £800m). The bidding process is well underway and the winning contractors are expected to be announced in July 2015 to coincide with the completion of the Infrastructure Provider (IP) procurement.

The project will be financed and delivered by an independent IP, with its own licence from Ofwat. Procurement for the IP started in June 2014, and licence award is expected in July 2015.


Procurement timetable

DCO Timeline 20 

DCO:  Development Consent Order
PINS:  Planning Inspectorate for England and Wales
PQQ:  Pre-Qualification Questionnaire


Procurement Policy

We aim to provide prospective companies across all tiers with visibility of both Thames Tideway Tunnel Ltd and its supply chain’s requirements and opportunities.

Opportunities will fall into two categories: direct with Thames Tideway Tunnel Ltd and indirect with the Thames Tideway Tunnel’s Tier 1 contractors and associated supply chain.

We will be directly procuring and managing a relatively small number of Tier 1 contractors. Tier 1’s in turn will be buying a wide variety of goods, services and works from a large number of smaller suppliers and contractors.

More information on the procurement opportunities and key contact information for our Main Works bidders are available here: Works Opportunities

Direct opportunities

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a publicly funded project and therefore, is subject to the Utilities Contracts Regulations. Direct opportunities valued above the EU thresholds will be advertised through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

You will be able to find all Thames Tideway Tunnel OJEU Contract Notices on the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) website and each notice will provide details of the particular opportunity and, for interested organisations, instructions on how to respond.

Our smaller direct contracts (below EU thresholds), where appropriate, will be advertised on CompeteFor.

Indirect opportunities

For opportunities with our Tier 1 Contractors (and potentially sub-tier’s within), you may wish to contact them directly and they will individually advise you on how to work with them on the Thames Tideway Tunnel. (Note: contact details can be found within the Works Opportunity slides).

We will require Tier 1 Contractors to advertise all appropriate opportunities on CompeteFor. Once you have registered your business and published a CompeteFor business profile, you will automatically receive email alerts for appropriate tender opportunities.

To register your interest, please respond to the contract notice as requested. For further information, please email


Procurement work opportunities

Please refer to our monthly update to find out what procurement opportunities are available to you. 

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